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Career Profile: Writer

When most people think of being a writer, they think of novelists and poets; however, the media industry is full of writers such as scriptwriters for TV, film and Radio, copywriters for digital content, journalists for a digital news platform, bloggers and even games have writers for their stories.

Though not often thought of when you think of media, writers are an integral part of the industry and are often very skilled. Communication is the obvious skill here, however here are 3 other skills you will need as a writer:

· Discipline

· Organisation

· Creativity

Discipline and organisation go hand in hand as a writer. But it is important to note that we’re not just talking about pushing yourself to write and meet deadlines, it is also about knowing when to stop to avoid one of the biggest issues writers face – writers' block. Writing is a creative art, and just like all other art forms, creators can suddenly get a creative block which leaves them feeling they are unable to produce any more work. This is why it is essential that as a writer you do not push yourself to be producing work 24/7. However, when you are writing you do need to be organised and strict with yourself, often you will have deadlines to meet and to avoid the dreaded writers' block discipline and organisation are essential.

Creativity is a skill that isn’t always associated with writers. However, it is a vital skill that all writers need to master. For writers, their creativity and writing ability are intrinsically linked, and it is by honing their creativity that will allow writers to create engaging stories for their readers or viewer.

So what does it take to be a writer in the media industry?

No formal qualifications are necessary, but a lot of people interested in pursuing writing will often pursue a formal qualification which allows them to develop their skills as a writer and develop a network. There are many courses at university which can lead to a career as a writer, while some may pursue an English Literature or Language degree others may opt to study creative writing or something more specialised such as scriptwriting.

Like many careers in industry, if you want to become a writer in the media industry it will depend more on your experience as a writer than your formal education. Many writers start as freelancers to gain experience before they can secure a role within an organisation; whilst some remain self-employed their entire career.

If being a writer in the media industry is something you're interested in, why not come along to a DEVA/hack and give it a go? You'll learn from industry professionals and create your own video portfolio in the process!

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